One percent equity in RoboNegotiator company


This is our unique way to show our investors that

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  • SKU/UPC: one_percent_equity

This is our unique way to show our investors that we practice what we preach. Most B2B buyers are asking for self-serve websites where they can get all information instead of talking to sales representative. Similarly 94% B2B sellers want to automate their sales efforts. We thought we also give you a taste of our product where you can see everything about our company (demo, video, business plan, pitch deck, business analytics and all tools) yourself at given URL. See URL in specs and you will get all information. You can also use our product (virtual salesbot/ chatbot) to negotiate your offer. There is always negotiation in equity offerings and company ownership % so we thought we also productize our equity for you to negotiate on
UPC (Universal Product Code) one_percent_equity
Make RoboNegotiator
Model SEED Round
Condition E*Commerce and Automotive
Color 2
Size $0
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